Kimonos & Cardigans - Essential Beach Vacation & Island Travel Outfits

Kimonos & Cardigans - Essential Beach Vacation & Island Travel Outfits

Kimonos are considered Summer's Must Have Swimsuit Cover Ups. Out of all of the beach cover ups, kimonos are the easiest to take on and off because they are very open and airy. Some are cardigan versions others are pullover. Most important, kimonos are usually made of sheer fabric and are very open and flowing - perfect for a day on the beach, at the pool, or even lounging on a boat! Kimonos also transition easily to streetwear. Just layer them over a tank and jeans and you’ve got a very pulled together (but still comfortable) look

Kimono Cover Ups
Kimonos are perfect if you’re planning on spending a large chunk of time by the pool or beach. They offer minimal coverage but can still look super chic. I tend to favor tropical prints and sheer styles. You can find some really beautiful options that won’t break the bank from Gogaswimwear. One of my favorite things about kimonos is that you can also layer them with denim cut-offs in the summer for a casual chic look. You may see Goga's Boho Kimonos Here.
The perfect kimono is a must-have essential for your beach days.

Not only is a kimono easy to wear, comfortable and downright cute, it is an easy way to add that little bit of protection.

We know that you have already applied that SPF but throwing a light kimono over your shoulders is a great way to protect your delicate skin during a day at the beach. It also comes in handy when the day starts to cool off as you head home.

There are so many different ways to create stylish looks with a kimono during those long summer days amongst the surf and sand, making it a great summer wardrobe staple.
We suggest a lightweight fabric for at the beach to keep you looking cool. Go for sheer fabrics that will accentuate your gorgeous figure and move with you while you enjoy that game of beach frisbee.
Matching Kimonos
Kimonos are here to stay. From wandering in the Waimea Canyon to feasting your eyes on the pristine island beaches, they are clothing pieces that are perfect to wear on almost any summer day. If you are new to the kimono trend, it looks like a long silk cardigan. You can wear it as a summer cover-up while you stroll on the white beaches or as a wrap for your maxi dress. Get ready for some serious summer kimono outfit inspiration.
Silk Kimonos
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